Twin Rivers strives to hire and maintain a well-trained and competent work force.

All applicants who are offered a position must have satisfactory reference checks from prior employers.  They then must pass a pre-employment drug test, Kansas Bureau of Investigation background check as well as checks through the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services (KDADS) Central Registry for adult and child abuse neglect or exploitation as well as a nurse aid registry check through the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and Medicaid Fraud check.

Once the employee has passed the above requirements they will complete new employee orientation.  This consists of training in drug and alcohol abuse, which details the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse, the repercussions and Twin Rivers policy.  Health and Safety which consists of bloodborne pathogens/universal precautions training, MSDS training, fire safety training and training in safe driving, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation training teaches the employee signs of abuse, neglect and exploitation and when and how to make a report.  This inservice also teaches honoring consumer choice and basic rights of the consumer.  The employee also receives HIPPA training to ensure consumer confidentiality.

Once orientation is completed the employee then completes first aid, CPR and Mandt training.  Employees required to administer medication will complete a medication training taught by the agency registered nurse.  Before beginning their regular shift the employee “shadows” a current employee in the same position for several shifts to obtain on the job training.

In addition to the training listed above staff also receive various training throughout the year on site and at conferences.

For continued employment, training certification must be maintained.  Therefore staff renew their CPR, AED and Mandt training annually.  First aid is renewed every two years.

In an effort to maintain a drug free environment, random drug and alcohol testing is completed monthly.  ANE, KBI, KDHE, Medicaid fraud and driver checks are completed every 2 years.


Sick Leave, Vacation, and Paid Holidays

A full time employee is eligible for sick leave after six months of continual uninterrupted employment.  At the end of the six month period, three days will be credited to the employee to use for sick leave.  After the six month period the employee will accrue sick leave at the rate of one day per calendar month.

Full time employees are also eligible for vacation leave.  The number of days granted annually is based on the number of years of continuous employment as follows:

Employees have 11 designated paid holidays, which are approved by the Board of Directors annually.  There is no waiting period for eligibility.

Medical Insurance

Medical Insurance is available through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas to full time employees after 60 days.  Also included in your insurance premium is dental insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shild as well as AD&D, short and long-term disability through Advanced Insurance.

Tax Sheltered Annuity

Employees are eligible to participate in The Empower retirement Sheltered Annuity program after one year of continuous employment.

Twin Rivers will match a percentage of the employee’s portion based upon the number of years of continuous employment.

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